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Saturday, 30 May 2015


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Former Guerrilla Leader Released as Croatian Citizen
      Zagreb, March 01, 2004 - Agim Ceku, a former guerrilla leader and current commander of the Kosovo Protection Corps, was released by Hungarian police and handed over to Croatian diplomatic authorities.

A spokesman for the Hungarian border patrol said the Croatian embassy in Budapest had identified Ceku as a Croatian citizen, radio B92 reported, quoted by SEEurope.net.

“That individual entered Hungary with Croatian documents, but in the warrant against him it is stated he is a citizen of Serbia,” Sandor Orodan told Beta news agency.

He conceded it was “perfectly clear” that the individual detained was the individual on the warrant, but said that Interpol was not able to “unequivocally” identify him.

Ceku was detained today at the airport in Budapest on a warrant issued by the Serbian authorities, accusing him of genocide in Kosovo after the arrival of the international administration and peacekeepers.

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